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Beijing King Talent Hotel Beijing was built next to Xixiu Temple. Its temple has a long zen style and was built in the Ming Dynasty. The hall is connected to the Guangqumen Bridge of Liangguang Road in the north and CBD business district in the east.

Beijing King Talent Hotel Beijing is a cultural theme hotel with the concept of "zen, poetry, and appropriateness". It has all kinds of high-end rooms with complete facilities and functions. The room is equipped with an oversized guest safe with 24 hours uninterruptible power supply. In addition, it also provides a variety of aromatherapy and more than ten kinds of pure natural plant health pillows, enabling guests to improve sleep quality in a comfortable and peaceful environment.

Beijing King Talent Hotel can hold churches with cultural characteristics, pen meetings, theme exhibitions, and large-scale business meetings. There are also Xizhao Tea Garden, Xizhao Vegetarian, Guoqin Hall, and Wenshi Hall.

Stay in the hall, you can be among the ancient temples and feel the joy of Zen.
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  • sailing77
    not bad. It was nice place. If I have a chance, I will go there.
  • cici00001
    And we think it's great
  • Landysinoac
    Didn't think well
  • e00877860
    Service is OK, the room is a bit small, surrounding traffic is not very convenient, I was in the neighborhood do.
  • muggleray
    A sense of culture, next to the home, it is a little expensive
  • aiacc
    A good choice for business stay
  • alessio_y
    Very quiet surroundings, suitable for rest
  • lylc01
    On the edge is the temple, there is a feeling of meditation, the hotel is quiet and comfortable. first stay, hard to find at the front desk and the elevators are hard to find. staff love warm, accompanied.
  • lin deming
    Hotel overall is OK, breakfast good, is the bathroom it is not, the underwater in the bathtub not to go, night posted a note when cleaning the room the next morning to go look at night didn't improve. location naozhongqujing, taxi several renowned shopping district is not very far away, but Metro station, then a little further away.
  • fuyin0902
    Good, comfortable living, quiet
  • fager001
    Released on bail
  • dcowen
    Staying had so more hotel, most worst of once experience, 11 period between we set has two a room staying hotel, first late staying, room hot very, to front desk call was told whole hotel air conditioning are cannot open, that good's! only open window, results open has a will window on came in many mosquito, adults children are was bite has, second days baby of mouth are was bite swollen has, mosquito in ear called has a late, led to a late didn't sleep. Family with the baby the next day to eatBreakfast, waiter not let children into (is not eat breakfast on cannot in did? 4 age not to of child station door see with, also is let we put she a a people left in upstairs, for bit thinking you out play, may put children a a people left in strangers of room did?), said is children half price, we told other children usually breakfast only drink milk, is not you hotel with, but waiter on set with to received half price of money, to no longer Hotel fight, endure has, not is severalTen bucks! night back at the hotel sheets with no sleep at night is still sweltering, the decoration of the hotel years ago, one day there is a smell of room does not have Windows. Meal the next morning, the four of us adults dine with a small treasure, see millet gruel good, just for the baby out of a bowl (one of the adults did not eat the breakfast), the waiter came over at this time, say four adults and a child without expression, children pay half-price earlyMeal fee of, then we are couldn't help has, you waiter no understand reality blather what does, children not people did? she cannot dining did? who provides with breakfast must if adults does? what called are in with you of breakfast, so rotten of breakfast also is first times eat to (opposite gokokuji snacks 10 block money eat to support of rhythm good you), we with waiter told truth XX Mei waiter also rushed we turned eye, attitude odd poor very, see we talk voice began ring hasNext two a male waiter only came greeted, said the XX Mei waiter is a intern? I wants to asked you a intern on so cock? attitude poor of like Hotel boss! things occurred Shi next door table of guest are to greeted, let we don't with they alone, has eyes of people are in there see's, (during let waiter find lobby Manager stepped in, is nothing, various evade, behind days also no competent to greeted or is asked about specific situation, that bit xX staff remains strong there for the front of the restaurant, pepper-like look at each customer dining. Heads of hotels just nothing happens no idea. waiter attitude directly affects a two-day visit. How can; this is your hotel's attitudes? insulting customers, rush customers roll? didn't see blather plant? a waiter directly reflects the quality of a hotel's reputation and strict management system. Everybody wants to check in at this hotelRational choice and hotels of the same price everywhere, when you go out is to choose a hardware and software to keep up!
  • cufewangwei
    Husband says very good, quiet clean and have a sense of belonging. price higher. next time.
  • Adebayor
    It's OK
  • luoluo1128
    Very quiet hotel, high space heating needs to keep up.
  • fsabbel
    Samsung's standards, guest services, hotel chains like breakfast, key, he said he was four stars, most hotels in popular culture, like a Comedy Club comedy.
  • mf1110
    Which is very nice
  • dingyi302
    Old is good
  • dia_dia
    Yes, I stay good, service very good, next time
  • e01907126
    Very nice hotel, very quiet room even on road noise effect is very great. but the room really makes me unable to ridicule, especially bathroom vanity, design is not really user-friendly. out of the overall environment, room unfavorably.
  • cwwboy
    Sunset hotel is located in the Beijing Temple, when Yen Ching Restaurant one of the eight. culture-themed hotel, great details
  • dou123
    In General, you can also! travel more convenient, restaurant around! is the bed was soft!
  • joleenxu
    Quiet, good health condition, is the biggest attractions here for foreign beauties hunks Oh.
  • e00803489
    Night temperatures in degrees, there's no air conditioning system warm. sincerely disappointed.
  • airmj
    Cell phone signal is not very good, room Mini!
  • jingwater
    Very good
  • aidsl
    Nice hotel compare new is worth living
  • LenJie
    Taste, that is too hard to find! hidden!
  • e04480630
    Environment is very good, gave us a free upgrade suite. next business trip would come.
  • tom204
    Poor poor poor
  • e02972228
    Hotel breakfast was OK. fine. but health is poor ashes on the carpet is too thick ... ... Only hot air and air conditioning ... boring.
  • diamond_m2m
    I love the service provided by the hotel staff. Location of the hotel is excellent!
  • Laongai
    Nice room is more cost-effective. Quiet breakfast can also
  • ffffengwei
    Hotel location is very convenient, breakfast bar, originally set is a Deluxe, check-in to upgrade to a suite, the room is too big!! whole can also, worthy of this price! said suggestions that cleaning the delicate point, sheets frequently change it!
  • ccf171340750
    Elegant environment
  • fengge1975
    Better than expected conditions! and surrounding is very convenient!
  • Cassidy-13
    Also, next to the Tower Temple, cultural theme hotel
  • The stars
    Corridor good long! but nice
  • E03456622
    Recommendation of a friend, location good, very special Home Hotel, was inside the facility is a bit old, red furniture not very fond of? the most satisfying is the bed is big and two small beds together. three very comfortable, that is too soft. location is also good.
  • mountainsnowman
    Very good, my wife is very satisfied.
  • xy4jc
    Poor, poor hardware, service poor. don't clean, bed very hard, dirty.
  • Danube
    Very good
  • bonnie_w
    Hotel is nice
  • anbby
    Hotel in quiet environment suitable for resting sleep, the transportation is convenient.
  • lubin00888
    General traffic isn't exactly convenient taxis can
  • green0apple
    Very good nice
  • JordanCY
    First times staying your hotel, completely different Yu today business hotel of style, hotel around with sunset Temple and built, has into on has antique, elegant of breath, staying Shi front desk reception smiling, very shortcut of handle has staying and guidelines has room location, rooms room area is big Visual in 35 square meters, may is hotel not in downtown, night rest of is good, environment also is comfort, breakfast environment is special, in the Western buffet, drinks, varieties many, canAt any time to fried egg, wonton, and so on. on in hotel lobby dining, morning sun bright, dining of feel is is comfortable, waiter effective of guidelines, arrangements seat, is is intimate. leisure Shi turned turned Temple, very style, took has part photos for members appreciate, check out Shi also can provides called car service, completely without himself hands-on, next to Beijing must also to here. very worth recommended of hotel, members worth a try!
  • lsc1342992415
    Overall OK. highly recommended.
  • nanafangfang
    If unit will not choose this room really too small double room bed was two single beds together sink into the water leak is bad but good environment and convenient naozhongqujing traffic
  • cwai186
    Good! next time!